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Fall off the bandwagon, then hop back on…

It’s been awhile since the last post right? A looong while. I had a little falling out,. but it looks like Yakuza Tires will be making its debut on the Barnes&Noble’s website. Stay tuned.

The Twelve days of Sketches day Eight; The dentist is evil

Oh man. Just got back from the dentist. I can’t feel my mouth. i can’t talk either. But thank God, I can’t feel pain either.

So… Today’s sketch is a new character again! Her name is Tachibana Misae! Read more about her in the characters section!




The Twelve Days of Sketches, Day seven;The Kumicho!

A  round of applause please. Today I’m showing off the Kumicho for the first time EVARRRRRRRR

His character description is also up. Please, take a look!

Hanabishi Kunzaki, father of Kuntaro, and boss of the Hanbishi Ogure-gumi. Read more about him under ‘characters’. There’s plenty of info there….

Tomorrow I’ll probably add another charcter descritption. See you then.

The Twelve Days of Sketches Day six: Cop out.

It’s not a sketch but…..This is the original cover I made for the book. It’s a little dark, don’t you think? It’ll probably change. Then again, I really like. Maybe it’ll be the inside page? Hm….


The Twelve days of sketches Day Five…? Old stuff.

My mouth hurts. SO MUCH. So, Instead of drawing I’m posting early sketches from Yakuza Ties.

  This is the character Design image I sent for Kuntaro when I first went into talks about Yakuza Ties with Visual Scene. The coloring was done by my friend Kanako. The drawings are by me.

Hopefully I can draw something fresh tomorrow.

The Twelve days of Sketches,Day four; Durararararararararararararara-um, DRRR!

So…here we are. I started learning Korean today. And then I sat down and started watching Korena dramas. But that’s off topic. Here’s today’s sketch!





It’s double the cosplay action! Kuntaro is here today as Shizuo and Sano’s here as Izaya (only because  a knife was involved)

Kuntaro seems to innocent to be Shizuo….Hm, a shota shizuo.

The cosplay is from Durararararar-DRRR! A light novel series (By Ryohgo Narita) that became a manga, and a super popular anime. Y’all here in the states can watch it on Adult Swim. For those who are curious, Narita is also the author of Baccano! and the two series take place in the same universe. Here’s the wiki description of DRRR!:

Mikado Ryūgamine, a young boy who longs for the exciting life of the big city, moves to Ikebukuro, Japan at the invitation of his childhood friend Masaomi Kida, who he has not seen since he was young, to attend Raira Academy with him. After first meeting Masaomi at the train station, they both set out at night to the streets of Ikebukuro. Masaomi warns him about people he doesn’t want to cross in the city: like a violent and superhumanly strong man, Shizuo Heiwajima, an information broker, Izaya Orihara, and a mysterious gang known as “The Dollars.” After running into some of the side characters, Mikado witnesses a local legend called the “Black Rider”, who rides around Ikebukuro on a black bike that occasionally brays like a horse, and who is also rumored to have no head under its helmet. The “Black Rider” is Celty Sturluson, an Irish dullahan. The narrative follows all of the characters equally, showing how their lives intersect, creating a greater plotline from what each character knows about a common incident.


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